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,,Without data you' re just another person with an opinion.'' W. Edwards Deming


Accuhedge team offer FX risk management reseach

Our priority is to enhance the success of your business. We know the
markets and understand your exposure, including factors that will impact the performance of your company and that of your competitors.
Using a blend of products, market insight and sector knowledge, we’ll
deliver solutions that protect your business by reducing your exposure
to currency risk.
When it comes to managing foreign exchange, different organisations
have different needs and our consultants will look closely at yours in order
to create bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

The ultimate goal of any business is to outperform their competition and increase profitability. We aim to help our clients achieve this by ensuring their forex exposures are professionally and pro-actively managed.  Be in front of your competitors.


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  • Understand your exposures and efficiency diagnostics

  • Create your own strategy: scenario modeling and guidance on best FX management practice ensures improvements to decision making and provides greater corporate protection. We do math with historical price movements and use sophisticated simulations. Simulating future market movements and evaluating strategy P&L is the best approach.

  • Analysis for your hedging programmes: portfolio hedging, layered cash flow hedging, balance sheet remeasurement risk management.

  • Reduce your cash flows fx exposure.

  • Act based on trading plan. Send your plan for bank/broker dealers. Track your portfolio performance with specialised tools. 

  • Reduced FX volatility means reduced profits volatility. That's how look at the fx most of listed, large companies. Now each business can manage fx risk on the same principles.

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