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Since our inception, Accuhedge has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

Accurate. What's our goal and mission. Have you ever used accuweather app? They can offer you superior accuracy in weathers forecasting. You can feel comfortable and prepared to possible weather changes during your travel and take umbrella:)

Our mission is to help business to get Accurate and Superior understanding in FX risk management. We don't like to do forecasts, we believe in math and data. 

We agree with W. Edwards Deming that ,,without data, you're just another person with an opinion.''

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Experience in FX markets since 2005, retail and professional FX industry. 

2011 - founder of the company Forex faktorius and hosts seminars, courses about financial markets. Since 2016 started to consult the corporate clients in currency risk management field. 

Dainius is a founder of ACCUHEDGE and works with the company on business and strategic development.

The main goal of the company is to enable treasurers and financial teams to increase the efficiency of their FX management capabilities whilst reducing time resource allocation.   

Accuhedge aim to help the clients achieve this by ensuring their currency exposures are professionally managed.  

,,No business can manage currency risk without
understanding where currency exposures exist, and
what it currently does to protect itself from volatility
(if anything).''

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